A few words from our president

In little over two years of its existence, Flesha has done a lot for Cleaning Companies and Correlate. This period of adjustment, while we were building the institution and defining the statute and of the board of directors, was also a very agitated historical moment for Latin America.

Our goal now is to define and implement projects that were postponed due to the economical and political problems that some countries of the Federation had to go through.

We have very well structured institutions in all niches of the market of environmental hygiene, cleaning, maintenance and conservation. This can be proved by the fact that Flesha was created in Latin America, allowing its members - Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Uruguay and Venezuela – to deepen their bonds.

One of our priorities now is to gather, through a major survey, statistical data that will clearly show the importance of this field, which has been becoming more and more important internationally.

In this website, there are a few questions that will help us know the needs of our class. I count with your collaboration so that we, together, can do this job the best way we can.

Best wishes,

Ricardo Costa Garcia
President of Flesha

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