How was Flesha born?

The Latin-American Federation of Environmental Hygiene Services Institutions was created in March 24, 2000 in Montevideo, Uruguay.
The similarities between the political, economical and social situation of Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama was a predominant factor for these countries to join one another with one goal in mind: to improve the quality of the services provided by companies of environmental cleaning, maintenance and conservation in Latin America.
Amongst these similarities are the interventionist policy practiced with exaggeration by the governments, the out-of-date, reactionary and paternalist labor laws, the excessive taxes and the irreversible globalization of the economy.

Representatives of the ten member countries were present in the function, to carry out an idea that came up during the 1980s: create a Federation capable of uniting the common interests and deepen the bonds between entrepreneurs of the
field of environmental conservation, cleaning and defense in Latin America, allowing bigger exchanges and a constant sharing of experiences.

That was when several entrepreneurs, amongst which were Ricardo Costa Garcia (Brazil), Júlio Calimaris (Uruguay), Franklin Retally (Panama), Sérgio Rosales (Guatemala), Norberto Peluso (Argentina), Yannet de Spirito Prado (Chile), Laura Pascua Aguilar (Colombia) and Maurício Chico Cañedo (Mexico), created Flesha.

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